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4 Fertility Enhancing Effects of Cinnamon




The cooler weather calls for warming spices, of which cinnamon is our favourite. Not only does this delicious spice impart a warm and slightly sweet dimension to meals, but it is also a host of many amazing health benefits. The three
active chemical compounds found in cinnamon – cinnamaldehyde, cinnamlyl alcohol and cinnamyl acetate – are responsible for its widely researched therapeutic effect. At AYH, we frequently request patients to increase their
consumption of cinnamon as an aromatic digestive, as a warming circulatory stimulant to promote blood flow to reproductive organs, and to support balanced hormone responses.
When it comes to fertility, here are our top 4 fertility-enhancing effects of cinnamon:

1. Lowers blood glucose levels and increases insulin sensitivity

A  2007 study showed that the intake of 6g of cinnamon per day (a heaped teaspoon) reduced blood glucose levels by improving the insulin receptor function and consequently insulin sensitivity. This effect will therefore help prevent pre-eclampsia, obesity, type 2 diabetes, all while regulating energy levels, promoting regular ovulation and balancing reproductive hormones. This is particularly beneficial for our patients with PCOS.

2. Improves circulation

The warming and blood thinning effect of cinnamon increases circulation in the body. Good blood circulation ensures that ample oxygen and nutrients are nourishing reproductive organs, enabling them to function at their best.

3. Reduces inflammation

Cinnamon is generous in it’s proanthocyanidin content, and this antioxidant is particularly beneficial in dampening pain and inflammation associated with experiencing endometriosis, period pain and ageing.

4. Anti-spasmodic

The antispasmodic effect of cinnamon makes in not only an excellent spice to aid digestion and calm stomach cramps, but is also useful in relaxing the uterus and easing period pain.
One teaspoon per day is recommended to reach a therapeutic effect. Supplementation is also available for more sever cases. Book in for a consultation to determine the dose necessary for you.

Simple ways to increase cinnamon consumption

  • Enjoy a warm cup of cinnamon tea (we love Pukka’a cinnamon and licorice tea) or spice up your nut-milk hot chocolate as a treat!
  • Add a teaspoon to your morning porridge or smoothie
  • Sprinkle on top of natural yogurt with stewed apples / pears and some nuts for an afternoon snack
  • Add to curries and casseroles
  • Coat sweet potato in coconut oil and cinnamon for a delicious side dish
  • Add to baking such as a almond meal cookies and quinoa flake & coconut topped apple crumble


Wishing you all peace & happiness. 
Yours in good health,
Tabitha x and Madeleine

Tabitha McIntosh