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Sunday habits to spring clean your health

_d8a5469Spring has sprung – time to take advantage of the longer days and the sunshine, to develop some positive, supportive habits. We’ve pulled together here four Sunday habits to spring clean your health and ensure a productive week ahead.

1. Invest an hour getting organised

Although spending time on a Sunday reviewing your calendar and prioritising your tasks for the week ahead doesn’t sound like the sexiest weekend ritual, research has shown that taking a few moments to do this simple planning can help clear the mind and reduce worry. Knocking off some simple tasks like this, as well as doing a load of laundry and organising your work clothes for the week ahead will help with a more efficient working week without eating into your relaxing time – freeing up the rest of your day for complete R&R.

 2. Fill your plate with healthy food

It’s all too easy to skip breakfast on a lazy Sunday, and to hit the wine or beer early afternoon…. We all know this impacts our food choices and vitality for the rest of the day. Consuming rich, heavy food and alcohol on a Sunday can sink you into a food coma that can carry over into your Monday, leaving you feeling lethargic. Staring your day with a warm lemon water, being sure to fill your plate (or smoothie) with greens, is a great way to keep well nourished and energised. Cooking a large batch of soup, vegetable curry or roast vegetables on a Sunday afternoon can set you up for a working week of healthy lunches if you’re feeling particularly time poor, tired or uninspired during the week. If you’re exceptionally pushed for time during the week, organic delivery boxes from local companies such as the below, can make your week that bit easier, and give you the confidence that you’re feeding your cells with clean, in–season, produce from natures bounty.

Here are some of our favourites:_d8a5552

Or you can visit our neighbours Wholefoods House on Queen St to pick up some seasonal, organic produce.

3. Add meaning

Doing something especially fulfilling & with purpose on a Sunday can make you approach Mondays with a much more positive outlook. We all have to get things done over the weekend, but scheduling a meaningful activity, such as a yoga class where you check in with yourself; connecting with a friend or family member to help them out with a task, or a walk in nature can recharge your mental and spiritual batteries so you can approach Monday feeling full of gratitude, inspired accomplished.

4. Set yourself up for a good night’s sleep

A good night’s rest on Sunday is the best way to ease into the madness of Monday; it will improve your stress resilience, give you in a more optimistic outlook, and leave you feeling alert, focussed and ready to tackle a productive week. To get the most out of your sleep, try to leave at least three hours between your dinner meal and going to bed. Keeping stimulants low, and minimise screen time from at least 2 hours prior to bed is also key to quality sleep. You’ll also notice an improvement in your sleep quality after a decent amount of exercise during the day; preferably in the morning.

If you have any concerns with your sleep onset, sleep maintenance or sleep quality; or even just need some recipe and meal-planning inspiration, we are here to help!
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Tabitha McIntosh