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Autumn 2013

autumn newsletter 2013


Upcoming Community health work outlined, Silent Source Meditation, Benefits of Probiotics  & a delicious Sri Lankan Curry


Spring 2012 Newsletter

enews spring 2012

The awakenyourhealth Spring 2012 newsletter is now available featuring:

Announcement: Nutrition and the Yoga of Eating, with Tabitha McIntosh
Natural Sugar Alternative Chart
In Season Fruits and Vegetables
Two Recipes: Raw Cacao Pudding and Green Pea Spring Soup


Gwinganna Retreat

I am feeling genuinely refreshed and re-inspired following a beautiful stay at Gwinganna Health and Lifestyle Retreat. Gwinganna Retreat is on a plateau in a hidden region of the Tallebudgera Valley, Sunshine Coast, QLD. It is a serene ‘escape’ from the modern age of technology, allowing people to really focus their attention on their own health and wellbeing. Amongst other things, I discovered on my 6-day retreat that it is entirely possible to survive almost a week without an iphone, laptop, the internet, coffee, wine or chocolate! And I felt amazing for it. What a revolution! It was good to re-connect back in with nature and with my inner-self.

Gwinganna functions on four simple ‘health’ philosophies:

  • Regular, Functional Movement
    • Fostering emotional Wellbeing
    • Effective management of Lifestyle Stress
    • Nourishment – almost all food served at Gwinganna has been organically grown on the property & is prepared innovatively by their top organic chefs.

All of these philosophies are implemented daily at the Gwinganna Retreat & are specifically directed towards maintaining optimal wellbeing and therefore are ‘preventative medicine’ concepts. Gwinganna’s world-class Spa was outstanding – my personal favourite being the sublime ‘crystal steam room’ followed by a cold shower and crushed ice form the ice machine – enlivening!

With ‘Nourishment’, in particular, Gwinganna’s organic food philosophy is based around the belief that Mother Nature knows best. I especially enjoyed their focus on Low Human Intervention Food – (Low HI foods) – where food has undergone no or minimal changes from it’s place in nature to your plate.

For example, a piece of sweet potato may have been steamed or roasted, but it is still recognizable as a sweet potato the way it came from the earth. Too many foods today have lost this simple but essential philosophy. It was really wonderful during my stay to re-evaluate my relationship (as a Nutritionist, mother, and woman) with food – and to be reminded of the meaning of true nourishment.

Choose Low Human-Intervention Foods!

As inspiration; I have included below a recipe from Gwinganna’s fabulous cookbook:“From garden to gourmet”; plus have included some photos of the organic vegetable garden from which we ate. Enjoy!

Tahini Balls

½ cup tahini
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup coconut
1/2 cup LSA
1 cup dried fruit of your choice (I used organic dried apricots)
1/4 cup chopped almonds (soaked overnight in water)

Mix all the ingredients together to make a stiff mixture. Use more coconut if necessary. Shape and roll into balls with dampened hands and coat with coconut or LSA.

The Organic Veggie Garden






Christmas Newsletter

The awakenyourhealth Christmas 2011 newsletter is now available featuring:

Christmas Clinic Dates
Recipe: Roast Veggies with Dijon Mustard Sauce – perfect for Christmas Day
Useful health tips to make it through the silly season


Spring 2011 Newsletter

The awaken your health Spring 2011 newsletter is available now featuring:

Announcement: Refreshed awaken your health website
Find Me On Facebook
Recipe: Broccoli Quinoa Salad
Annual Leave Dates


Winter 2011 Newsletter

The Winter 2011 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Interview: Donna Macmullen
How Can I Make My Life Less Toxic
Recipe – Winter Minestrone


Spring 2010 Newsletter

The Spring 2010 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Announcement – please support me in the Yoga Aid Challenge
Announcement – for new mums
Article: Vitamin D – Let the Sun shine in!
Recipe: Adzuki Bean, Pumpkin and Ginger Casserole


April 2010 Newsletter

The April 2010 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Building Your Resilience
Recipe: Pumpkin, sweet potato and ginger soup
Wholefood by Jude Blereau


September Newsletter

The September 2009 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Why Cleanse?
Recipe: Home–made Hummus


July Newsletter

The July 2009 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Thought about a Spring Detox?
Brightening up in Winter
Recipe: Chunky Vegetable and Lentil Soup


May Newsletter

The May 2009 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Do I really need a supplement?
Top ten reasons you may need a Nutritional supplement
Recipe: Tab’s Tahini balls


March Newsletter

The March 2009 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Useful tips for boosting your metabolism
Recipe: Delicious Seasonal Green Veggies with fresh herbs


February Newsletter

The February 2009 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Announcement: Payment by card now accepted
Eating an Antioxidant-rich diet
Recipe: Mixed Berry Smoothie Ice Blocks


January Newsletter

The January 2009 awaken your health newsletter is available now featuring:

Announcement: Payment by card now accepted
Why should I consider a detox?
Recipe: Super Summer Breakfast in a Glass