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Are Perfectionism & Guilt Preventing You From Achieving Health Goals?

image 1When embarking on a new health journey we can often develop the mentality that we have to do it ‘perfectly’ or else we fail. As a Naturopath, and working clinically as a Naturopathic practitioner, it is clear that the more closely guidelines are followed – the better the outcomes. Howeverin today’s world of socialising, events & busy lifestyles, it is unrealistic to expect that you will change old habits overnight or follow your food goals 100% of the time without having slip-ups. Consistency is key – not perfection!

This is where our old friend guilt can show up. If we do slip-up, we often feel guilty, beat ourselves up and are more likely to overeat or binge on foods that are outside of food goals. The vicious negative cycle begins and suddenly eating becomes an emotional rollercoaster, stressful and unenjoyable. Its no wonder health can feel hard to some people.

Living a healthy & balanced lifestyle should bring a sense of joy, investment and self-love. Eating is one of life’s pleasurable activities and we are lucky enough to live in a country abundant in delicious, fresh produce. A crucial part of embarking on a health journey means embracing the positive changes you are making for your body, turning them into a lifestyle and allowing the space for slip-ups to occur – we are all human after all!

How can you move past guilt & perfectionism? 

If you do happen to fall off track, please don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty. Guilt does not serve you or your goals. Learn from it, look at your triggers and become aware of how things make your body feel. Direct your thoughts away from the guilty mental chatter and become aware of your body, this can help reduce any chance of binge eating. Do you feel lethargic, glum, uncomfortable, anxious, pain? Really become in tune with your body and make a choice to be friends with your body.

A slip-up certainly does not mean you have ruined your intention of becoming healthy. The best thing to do is to forgive yourself and recommit to eating well for the rest of the week.

Health is about progression – not perfection!


The Key to Losing Weight & Maintaining it

weight loss

Embarking on a weight loss journey is an empowering time in a person’s life.  An opportunity to implement new, supportive practices that will eventually harden into habits. At Awaken Your Health, we know that making healthy and sustainable changes doesn’t have to be about deprivation, restriction, calorie counting, or fad diets. It’s about taking responsibility for your health, supporting your food relationship, knowing you deserve joy, and feeling your absolute best every single day!

Knowing the best methods to lose weight can be confusing. People can feel bombarded with information over-load baffled by fad diets, pills, potions and tricks – it’s no wonder it all feels ‘too hard’. So how do you know what’s right for you and the best way to achieve results? 

What’s Wrong with weight loss pills, tea’s & fad diets?

The main problem with fad diets is exactly that, they are a trend.  It is both unrealistic and unhealthy to maintain those diets (and their results) over the long term. Weight loss pills are another common approach taken to weight loss. They can be detrimental to your health and often even come with an array of nasty side effects such as heart palpations, insomnia and anxiety due to the high caffeine content. I’m sure many of you have seen weight loss teas advertised on social media and magazines? These too can be damaging to health due to their diuretic and/or laxative action that can lead to severe dehydration and dependence.

A Naturopathic Approach to Weight Loss

A naturopathic approach involves a full health assessment, where your current health status, diet and lifestyle are all taken into consideration. Health investigations may be suggested to identify hindering factors affecting your ability to lose weight. This holistic approach allows us to design an effective, tailored plan to suit your unique requirements. It provides you with the best possible chance of achieving your weight loss goals, and the right tools and education to maintain your amazing results!


Making small yet effective changes is the key to weight loss success. These 5 steps can benefit anyone looking to improve their health or lose weight. The best thing is that you can start them almost immediately.

Include 1 Healthy Fat with Each Meal

Good quality fats digests slowly, helping you feel fuller for longer and you eat less overall. Try including one of the following with each meal; olive oil, macadamia oil, coconut oil, nut butters, nuts and seeds, chia seeds, flaxseed/oil, oily fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna, sardines).

Always Pack Your Snacks

This is a big one if find yourself reaching for a chocolate bar at 3pm. Being prepared with a healthy snack is the key to avoid overeating and making poor choices. Always keep a range of balanced snacks on hand or in the desk at work – raw nuts, bliss balls, dried figs or prunes, boiled eggs, chia puddings, hummus or tahini and carrot sticks, fresh fruit or yoghurt pots are all great options. Don’t have time to prepare snacks? The next tip will help.

Set a Prep Day

I am a huge fan of locking in a ‘prep day’ once a week. There’s no need to give up the whole day, even just 1 hour is sufficient (providing you have the ingredients available in the kitchen). Prepare snacks in bulk, put the slow cooker on and freeze a few meals for lunch, do a sufficient food shop and stock your pantry with clean wholesome food for the week ahead.

Switch on Fat Burning Mode (your metabolism)

Our body’s metabolism dictates how we burn fat and produce muscle. Stimulate your fat-burning power by increasing these food sources; chilli, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, green tea and protein (eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish).

Increase NEAT 

NEAT stands for (non-exercising activity thermogenesis), it is the energy expended for all physical activities that is not sleeping, eating or sport-like exercise – think of it as moving more and sitting less! Increasing regular movements into your day has the ability to increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat. This step is crucial for those who spend long hours sedentary for work or traveling in the car. Examples include typing, walking to work, taking the stairs, carrying your groceries, fidgeting, dancing, gardening, cleaning, housework, try doing squats or calf raises whilst brushing your teeth – it all adds up!


Fertility and Weight Control



Weight Control



Being both underweight and overweight can have a significant impact on
hormone balance and consequently menstrual cycle rhythm. 
Clinically, in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) whom
are also overweight, research and clinical practice both show that just a
drop of 5% of body weight can result in more regular ovulation.


On the other hand however, being underweight and having low intake
of healthy dietary fats can compromise hormone production, and can
be a significant contributor to  menstrual irregularities. This is common
to amenorrhea (absence of periods) and also irregular ovulation.


Ensuring regular intake of clean healthy fats and adequate body
fat levels 0f between 19-26% will therefore assist in balancing hormones
and regulating your menstrual cycle. If you feel you’d like some input
and advice with your diet and how it can support menstrual regularity,



Wishing you all peace & happiness. 
Yours in good health,
Tabitha x


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