Be Your Own Solution eBook - Awaken Your Health
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Be Your Own Solution eBook


Be Your Own Solution – A how-to guide to ‘switching to safer’, reducing toxic exposure and mastering your health, is essential reading for everyone who wants to navigate through the chemical maze of our modern age and ensure their own long-term health, as well as contribute to the health of their family, community and the planet at large.

Inside this eBook:

  • What is environmental health, and why is it relevant to me?
  • Air quality challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Dealing with allergens and pets in the home.
  • Choosing the best appliances to support your health not harm it.
  • Ensuring water safety and reducing the risk of toxin exposure.
  • How to select a home water filtration system.
  • The deal with fluoride.
  • Food and nutrition 101/ How to get your Nutritional foundations right.
  • Toxic food swaps.
  • Simple ways to improve food choices.
  • The importance of organic and how to prioritise your organic dollar.
  • The top chemical hazards in the home to avoid at all costs.
  • Natural skincare resources.
  • How to reduce and mitigate lead exposure.
  • Effective alternatives to toxic cleaning products.
  • How you can optimise your daily detoxification pathways.
  • Tips for boosting the immune system.
  • Tips for maximising yours and your family’s resilience.

With over 50 pages of evidence-based tips and information, this guide is all you and your family need to start living a life of health and happiness.