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Reclaim Your Health

Take time-out for yourself to rediscover how to feel 100% again.


Awaken your health is a complementary medicine & natural health clinic that is dedicated to educating and motivating you towards improving your health – both in the short and long term. More people than ever before are experiencing first hand the benefits of Natural Health Care. Studies show that over 70% of all Australians are currently adopting Natural Health Care as a part of everyday life. It is our commitment to provide you with the best support and most up-to-date information every step of your journey towards achieving optimal health. In doing so, we can help to change the way you experience your world.

What have you got to lose?

“Our mission is to achieve the best results for our clients by working closely with each individual towards their unique health goals, helping each live life to their fullest potential. On a larger scale, we wish to play a role in creating a healthier world by empowering as many people as possible to take positive action regarding their health.”



Naturopathy is a traditional form of primary health care that places emphasis on using natural methods and medicine to prevent and correct disease, utilising the body’s innate healing capabilities to restore balance and health. Treatments are individual and focused on gentle nutritional, lifestyle and herbal medicine remedies. This traditional holistic approach is combined with the application of up-to-date scientific knowledge. Education is a focus, so clients learn and feel empowered in supporting their own body’s unique requirements. Naturopathy is not a magic bullet or quick fix. Although results may be felt within a few days of treatment, often the results are slower and longer lasting. Naturopathy is a wonderful adjunctive tool to conventional medicine health care.


Clinical Nutrition

Every day we make choices about food, and these choices have a direct impact on our health – contributing to the prevention, management, or onset of many chronic diseases. It is a privilege for us to observe daily the powerful impact that adopting positive eating habits can have on one’s health. Many factors have a negative impact on our access to nutrients within our foods, including changes in farming methods, depleted soils, food processing & storage, microwaving, plus regular caffeine, alcohol, and the like. Poor digestion and nutrient assimilation is often also an issue: especially when worry, hurry, and fatigue is at play. The use of diet as a therapy serves as the foundation of naturopathic medicine, and a thorough dietary assessment is a component of all consultations, where we will share strategies, nutrient food lists, recipes and more to educate and assist you in using your food choices to achieve your health goals.


Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicines are made exclusively from plants, and have been used for centuries by many different cultures to treat and prevent almost every disease. Medicinal herbs contain ingredients that, when used correctly, are amazing tools for symptom-alleviation, and support the body’s natural processes and ability to heal. The therapeutic benefits of many herbal medicines are well established and the combination of carefully chosen herbal extracts, dietary advice & lifestyle recommendations frequently prove effective in relieving ill health and promoting self–repair. Herbal medicine is very safe, gentle, and effective when prescribed by a qualified and experienced Herbalist and Naturopath. The medicinal properties of herbal medicine such as teas, tinctures, capsules and tablets are increasingly being validated by rigorous scientific investigations, which helps us to understand how and why they work.

Firtility Optimisation
Fertility, Pregnancy and post-natal care
Teenager Nutrition
Nutrition across all ages
Pediatric Care Toddlers
Paediatric health – infants, toddler and teen health
Strees Fatigue Adrenal Function
Stress and adrenal dysfunction
Thyroid Disorders
Thyroid disorders
Immune Disorders
Autoimmune and Inflammatory conditions
Digestive Health
Digestive disorders
Food Intollerance and Allergy
Food intolerance and food allergy
Health Vessle Health
Heart and vessel health
Environmental Medicine
Environmental Medicine